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S Recover Anti-wrinkle Soft Gel Mask Pack

Product Detail Information

S Recover Anti-wrinkle Soft Gel Mask Pack │Double functional

│ Description │

  • As a double functional eye cream, it gives elasticity to eye contour (Step 1)
  • while the exclusive mask pack improves wrinkles afterwards (Step 2).
  • The complex solution with gold nano and mineral water combined works deep down in the skin making the skin texture soft and dewy.

│ Major benefits of Moisturizing Soft Gel Mask Pack │

  • Skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle
    Green tea callus extract and nano gold in the mask improve your dull skin to be brighter.

  • Skin soothing effect that relaxes skin
    The tiring skin gets refreshed and relaxed with this superfine fiber cooling mask pack.

  • Luminous, healthy skin
    Mineral water and gold nano (outstanding anti-cell aging ingredients) in the mask thoroughly care any creases on the face

│ Net weight │

  • 1.5g(Eye cream)
  • 28g(Mask pack)

│ Benefits of Callus Culture │
Callus also known as a stem cell of a plant is something that would promote active skin cell regeneration around a wound. Since callus is considered much more efficient in cell division and regeneration as well, it is frequently used for anti-inflammatory effect, skin elasticity improvement, anti-wrinkle effect and brightening effect.

│ Efficiency / Effect │

Main ingredients



General gel

  • Transparent gel
  • Easy to apply


  • If you leave the general gel mask on the face more than 20~30 minutes, it would rather take moisture away from the skin.

Soft gel

  • Transparent gel
  • Easy to apply without irritations
  • -Soft texture (+++)
  • -Feels dewy (+++)


  • It is very much convenient to use as the mask would stay on the face as easily as possible. The mask hardly dries even after a long time which would prevent any moisture-loss in the skin.

(The skin will glow just naturally as it has so much moisture inside).

  • The essence gel is absorbed into the skin 100%.
  • This specially-designed soft get mask will stay on the face just perfectly without any air in-between.
  • The moisture level of the skin improves as dead skin cells are removed.
  • Less moisture-loss in the skin occurs which is quite different from any general gel masks.

Rich in collagen! Skin renewal. Enjoy healthier and younger skin! This mask made of super-fine fiber contains moisture four times more than other general felt masks in the market. Your skin will immediately look dewy and luminous while you use the mask with no inconvenience as the mask sticks to the face just perfectly and easily.

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S Recover Anti_wrinkle Soft Gel Mask Pack